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Expertiz – Let’s Be Clear


CaptureNew visuals for one of the hottest songs off Expertiz’s album Disrupting Nature’s Balance.  The 22 tracks move effortlessly throughout, each standing on it’s own as a separate pieces of a complex poetic puzzle.  These ideas and concepts are his alone and shun the languid conventions of “radio” hip-hop.  Expertiz wears his heart on his sleeve while lacing paragraphs littered with density throughout the project.  Whether spitting fire like that found on “Let’s Be Clear” questioning Darwinism as found on “Weave Through Worlds” or looking within himself to find answers such as “Before Life Concludes”, the album has something for all avid listeners of classic hip-hop. With production by some of Connecticut’s finest producers, including Deto-22 Dirt E. Dutch, and Defnyshn, the music serves as a perfect compliment to the array of lyrics shown by the host emcee.  Guest appearances include Hawl Digg of  Workforce, Roc Doogie of Phenetiks, The Rising Sun Quest and Breez Evahflowin.



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