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Roc Doogie – Lookalikes [Audiowear LP]

CaptureThe ninth music video from a multidisciplinary creative project called “Audiowear”, that started with 3D printing and ceramic slip casting musical jewelry at the sundaymorning@ekwc artist residency in the Netherlands. It then evolved into a full length record with 14 original songs that we pressed to vinyl with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. The record was celebrated with a concert at the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City on 9.22.11 where 10 of the artists performed their songs live. the Museum of Arts & Design [MAD] also acquired the Audiowear pieces for their permanent collection and will show them in two exhibitions in 2012. The work was also shown at exhibitions in Korea, England, Amsterdam and New York.

Vinyl and Digital now available at

Produced by Daveytree
Album: “Audiowear” by Elasticbrand
Directed by: Arjen Noordeman, Elasticbrand
DP: Steve Dassas
Design, VFX, animation: Csaba Molnar, Renderhell
Mastered by Eric Bassriel of Little Ax Media



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